A site installer is a tool that enables you to pick the most suitable script-driven application for your new website based on its purpose. Different from a script installer which only enables you to set up a particular application with a couple of mouse clicks, a site installer offers you more choices to pick a script that shall satisfy your needs in terms of the type of site that you would like to build without researching ahead of time what each and every script is appropriate for. In case you aren't very tech-savvy, this sort of a software instrument shall save you time and work and shall enable you to create a beautiful, fully-functional Internet site in just seconds, to enable you to start adding your content through the script admin area. That way, you could build your web presence without any difficulty and have the website that you want immediately - an Internet store, a photo gallery, a blog, etcetera.

Website Installer in Shared Hosting

We provide a website installer with each and every shared hosting solution we offer and you'll be able to access it through your Hepsia hosting CP with just a few mouse clicks. The software instrument is rather easy to use - select a domain and the type of the website that you want to have, type in the login credentials thatyou want to employ for the back office and you'll be ready. You'll have thousands of templates to select from during the process, so you'll be able to save hundreds of dollars on web design services as you could create a professional site in minutes and at no extra cost. The templates that shall appear depend on the kind of website you have chosen and this way you could create a general-purpose website, a blog, an Internet store or a picture gallery with almost no efforts.