The performance of any kind of website depends not just on the script which it uses, but also on the hosting server where it is accommodated. If the hardware is powerful and dependable, the apps which run on it will perform well. More RAM, for example, means that more processes can run simultaneously, while a faster processor suggests that all of these processes will be executed faster. This matters because a web hosting service involves e-mails, databases, logs, and so on, so each of the abovementioned processes must have some resources in order to function correctly. If the server does not have an adequate amount of power, the sites hosted on it won't perform well or may even time out in case the machine cannot handle all of the requests to it. Hosting your websites on servers with suitable hardware will give you the performance which you want for them.

24-core servers, hardware in Shared Hosting

If you get a shared hosting account from our company, you will be able to take advantage of a truly powerful setup which will provide excellent performance of every web application which you decide to host on our end. We've employed a state-of-the-art cloud platform where each and every aspect of the web hosting service is taken care of by a different cluster of servers. Each and every machine that is a part of any of the clusters comes with 64 GB RAM which will enable you to run numerous applications, while the speed of your websites shall be guaranteed by powerful 24-core processors and solid-state drives. Every cluster can be expanded by connecting extra machines for even more substantial power, so there is no upper limit for the resources which our clients can use at a time. Unlike many competitors, we don't run everything on a single machine and we don't save on the hardware at the expense of effectiveness.